What We Do

Our Programs

A Social Ignition runs two core programs: The Ignition Option and The Long Haul.

The Ignition Option: 36 hours in class working on entrepreneurial projects. We bring business leaders into every class for a diverse set of experiences that foster better business solutions to the world’s problems.

The Long Haul: Individual and small group coaching towards our graduates' particular goals. This program provides support bridging release from incarceration.

What We Do

The Ignition Option

This entrepreneurial series introduces men to the rigors of starting a business. Unlike traditional “how to start a business” education, we put students through the fast-paced, resource-strapped decision-making process to learn if an idea makes a viable business. Mentors lend their experience during each session to enhance the connection to the larger business ecosystem. The 36-hour, 12 session series culminates in a Presentation Day, where the men pitch their business ideas to a room full of distinguished guests.

The Long Haul

Next is where the rubber meets the road. Individual and small group coaching takes a deep dive into each student’s goals and the things that have been holding them back. The Long Haul bridges release and provides a support through the transition and down the road to their futures.

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