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working along side 30 men to close the revolving door to incarceration for good. We provide classes and coaching for participants to gain leadership skills and build viable businesses.

Victor, Jamal, David and others are all working hard on their businesses and A Social Ignition is stepping on the gas to navigate them to their next milestone. David is building a smoothie shop aimed at high school students so they have a healthy place to spend time afterschool. Join us in supporting these men in their futures.



With your support A Social Ignition will:

1. Accelerate participating businesses: We have six businesses under development with our clients. How many more can we add to the Portland community in 2016? If that isn’t socially responsible investing, we don’t know what is.

2. Expand our reach: The Oregon Department of Corrections has asked that we open our program to men in other institutions across the state. We are excited to welcome transfer students in 2016.

3. Create strong partnerships: What about men who aren’t releasing the Portland area? We are working with community colleges in Central Oregon and Southern Washington to raise the bar on their existing programs.

4. Expand our web of programs: Can you imagine starting and running a business without stable, safe housing? This is a hurdle for the men of A Social Ignition. A safe place to live is a serious issue in this town and we want to figure out how to support our guys on this level

Join Us And Support Personal Transformation

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