Long Haul Firsts: Interview with Lisa Carbonell

Long Haul Firsts: Interview with Lisa Carbonell

Through A Social Ignition’s Long Haul program that business idea you’ve had deep in the back of your head can become a reality. A Social Ignition works with anyone looking for strategic direction, entrepreneurial information, and one-on-one coaching on their start-up. While known for their work inside prisons and with people in reentry, A Social Ignition attracts many people without criminal records. Lisa Carbonell is one of those people. Welcome Lisa to our team.

For nearly 20 years, Lisa Carbonell toiled with the idea of designing and selling dresses to dancers. Not until her connection with CEO, Sonja Skvarla at A Social Ignition did that idea turn into more than just a dream. It became Lisa’s new reality.

Lisa dreamt up the Twirl Factor™ and decided it was time to start pitching if she wanted her vision to become a real business. When she met Sonja, she gained the resources she needed to pitch the idea at Startup Weekend Portland. There, she won the prize of Best Execution and loads of prizes to pursue her dream. Twirl Factor™ is a fashion line of “dresses that dance”. As an experienced dancer herself, Lisa created dresses with flowy movement for any woman who wants to feel the rhythm in their dress. Since her win at Startup Weekend, Lisa has pitched her idea to others and is exploring Portland’s growing startup community.

Lisa’s vision is to spend the next two years marketing Twirl Factor™ and her line of dresses. She wants to create a new line each season and continue sharing her passion for danceable dresses. She loves Portland and calls her home “an incubator for creative ideas”. Originally from Michigan, Lisa has had her fair share of challenges: raising a child as a single mother and overcoming brain injury from a devastating car accident. None of this stopped her from pursuing what she really wanted out of life. In fact, her combined experience has moved her to include working mothers directly in her business model. Her vision is to have each dress assembled by a mother working from home on the schedule that works best for her family. With determination, hard work, and the support of her new network, Lisa is able to fan the flames of her passions.

As A Social Ignition’s first Long Haul mentorship track member, Lisa recognized the incredible resources this partnership has given her. She is delighted to feel more connected to her work and no longer just working a job. This is her dream she’s turning into a reality and working harder than ever to make it successful.

The Long Haul supports entrepreneurs with one-on-one and small group coaching customized to each business owner. It begins where the business owner is in execution mode and has the mindset that promotes it. The program covers a wide range of business topics one needs access to in order to be successful. In addition, as in all A Social Ignition programs, The Long Haul builds on an entrepreneurs cumulative life experience which often entails digging through personal habits and self-limiting beliefs. Entrepreneurship is hard and A Social Ignition digs through the weeds with you on your “long haul” journey from seed to blossoming or fruit-bearing success.

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