Jamal is Grubbin’

Jamal is Grubbin’

We are so excited for Jamal! Many of you know Jamal as a long-time client of A Social Ignition. He and Sonja have worked together for nearly two years exploring several business ideas in The Ignition Option. Its been Grubbin’, though, that has been his focus for the last six months. Jamal had researched and written his business plan for “a famJamal Portlandily-friendly, multi-cultural food cart mall” and had been searching for the right space to prototype his ideas. Along came Ankeny Square. Applications, follow-up and interviews were part of the process for this competitive RFP for Parks and Rec in Portland. You can read more about it here. A Social Ignition will continue to work with Jamal and he starts this business and support him to his success. As many of you know, getting that first yes is just the beginning!


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  1. Congratulations to you, Jamal. This sounds like a cool idea, and given your smarts, I think you’ll be the ideal person to pull it off. If there’s any way I or my new company, 4ma, which helps new and growing companies raise funding, can support you, let me know. But it sounds like you got it handled.

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