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You can be a part of the solution in a number of ways from lending your business experience in class to providing professional coaching throughout their transition. 

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MentorFacilitate Coach
Mentors are business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and content specialists (specifically in finance and/or marketing). As a mentor you commit to one session during a series and lend your experience to the business models in development. Come back on Presentation Day to hear their pitches on what they’ve created.
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Facilitators are trained to lead The Ignition Option series inside a correctional institution. Great candidates are self-employed professionals or those with a flexible work schedule. Facilitators and Coaches meet regularly to support each other with best practices in this highly rewarding role.
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We engage experienced coaches to work with men through one of the most important transitions of their life; preparing to exit incarceration and reintegrate back into society. They meet with clients inside a correctional institution two-four times per month. Coaches and Facilitators meet regularly to support each other with best practices in this highly rewarding role. Meet our Coaches.
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Mentor Testimonial

I was so impressed with all the presentations and the work the guys put into their projects. It was a little heart breaking to see the limits they are faced with, but very inspiring to see them trudging on. I have no idea why any of them are in there and it really doesn’t matter because I could have so easily been one of them. It is clear to me they are ready to take on what is ahead of them. I would be very interested in doing more work like this in the future.