A Warm Welcome!

A Warm Welcome!

It’s been a summer of expansion here at A Social Ignition! Sonja, Kevin, and Bryant are excited to introduce the new faces on our crew.

Dan Ellis

Dan (on the right) at Presentation Day with Sergio at Columbia River Correctional Institution.

Dan Ellis comes to us from a long career in sales and start-ups in the medical device industry. He is an alumni of Oregon State University, so you can guess what the tenor will be around the office come football season, seeing as our new Impact Administrator Remy Jewell is a former duck. Both the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network and Angel Oregon have enjoyed Dan’s mentorship and investment over the years. We are excited to have him working with us and our clients at A Social Ignition. You’ll have the opportunity to meet Dan at our big event this Fall, or you can always check out the next cohort of The Ignition Option. He will surely be working with the men in class!

Mona Das

Mona Das earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an MBA in Sustainable Business from Pinchot University where she continues to serve on the board. She also recently returned from Women’s Campaign School at Yale University where she was trained on how to run for political office. Her goal is to become a US Senator! For twelve years, Mona has run her own mortgage business, MOXY Money, combining her passion for helping people and for giving exceptional customer service. She is excited to put her contagious enthusiasm to  use in support of A Social Ignition. Now a Seattle resident, Mona serves on the board for Women’s Business Exchange, and is committed to inspiring and connecting people to strengthen communities. 

Rob Anrud

2279a66-1Rob Anrud is a graduate of the University of Washington, and has lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life. Currently at New Penn Financial, Rob has a long history of work in various aspects of home lending for banks and financial service companies. He is committed to helping improve his community, and we’re happy to have him here at A Social Ignition. In addition to his work in finance and lending, Rob supports his wife’s horse business and has a daughter in college. Help us welcome Rob to the team!




Hanako Imber

Hanako (on the left) with Steven on Presentation Day.

Last but not least, we’d like to introduce Hanako Imber. Hanako grew up in Olympia, Washington and has been living and working in Portland since she graduated from Lewis and Clark with a double major in Economics and Mathematics & Computer Science in 2010. Hanako works for the Huron Consulting Group’s healthcare practice, where she is a Team Lead in Technical Established Client Services, doing technical project management. Before joining A Social Ignition’s board, Hanako came inside to hear our guys’ presentations. After that, she conducted seminars with members of The Long Haul to help them develop invaluable office software knowledge. When she’s not working hard, Hanako enjoys coaching and playing soccer, and eating her way through Portland’s food scene.




Remy Jewell

unnamedIn addition to our board members, Sonja would like to take a moment to introduce Remy Jewell, our new Ignition Administrator. Sonja says: Remy is a woman after my own heart. Her passion for social justice brought her to A Social Ignition and I couldn’t be happier to have her. Remy is a great compliment to my own ways of working, and together we plan to really dig in and move A Social Ignition firmly in the direction of growth and expansion. Remy will be my right hand, so if you are coming to prison, planning a meeting or inquiring about upcoming events, you can plan on talking to her soon!  Remy recently graduated from the University of Oregon with a Master’s degree in English. In addition to teaching and mentoring, Remy has years of both legal and publishing experience. She is pleased to be using her previous experience to support a cause she feels passionately about.


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