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A Social Ignition runs two core programs: The Ignition Option and The Long Haul.

The Ignition Option: 36 hours in class working on entrepreneurial projects. We bring business leaders into every class for a diverse set of experiences that foster better business solutions to the world’s problems.

The Long Haul: Individual and small group coaching towards our graduates' particular goals. This program provides support bridging release from incarceration.

What We Do

Getting the best soccer results for free

Not every soccer fan around the world can watch all the matches that they would like to. However, all of them, without exception, would like to get the soccer results of their favorite teams, players, and tournaments. Until now, there were services that could provide this but only in exchange of a fee, which sometimes could be very expensive. Other issues that people encountered frequently were:

  • Limited or incomplete coverage.
  • Lack of quality and depth.
  • Lack of real time information.
Unfortunately many football portals nowadays face those kinds of issues. However, there is a new website that not only has solved those issues, it has also revolutionized the way in which people learn about the results of their favorite soccer teams and tournaments, and this place is called 777score. While it is a fairly new player in this industry, it has quickly managed to earn an important amount of followers all over the world. There are many reasons that have helped to make this site a very attractive location for all soccer players, which will be discussed in more detail in the following section.

What makes 777score so special?

The website currently offers some fantastic features and functions, which appreciate highly even the most demanding football fans fall in love with the portal. True, other websites are also capable of offering similar features, but most of them will ask for a subscription fee that obviously no one wants to pay. In other cases, the quality of their content might not be that great either. For example, at 777score it is possible to find truly impressive results of soccer section. Here people not only can review past scores, they can also learn about matches taking place at the moment on which the website is being visited. Even more, not only the score is displayed, when people click on a specific match, they will get all sorts of information, including very detailed statistics, goalscorers, analysis on how each team and player is performing, and much more. The coverage of 777score is equally impressive. One of the reasons for which this website has become so attractive since its launch, is because it not only covers the most popular tournaments around the world. Probably the market is already too saturated with those websites. What sets 777score apart, is that it covers virtually every league or tournament, meaning that a lot of local competitions, alongside the most famous ones, can be followed from a single place.